THE DGC CD is launched on the 500th Reformation Day Anniversary!!

A catechism is what…?
        a sardine-packed super-summary
            of all the core Christian beliefs
                in a fun Q-&-A format 
                    for teaching & learning
                        every single thing
                            super quick.

        is a brand new-old catechism
                 disguised as a string of 26 songs
                             in an addictive sing-a-long format. 

Everything DGC is completely free!

The DGC has all the core doctrines of Christianity
        packed down into a regular fun-sounding music album
                so that anyone of any age
                        can learn the whole gold mine of truth
                                  without ever meaning to  😉

It takes the rich old catechisms of the last 500 years,
        adds some rich new questions-&-answers,
                and makes them modern, memorable and beautiful.

All your download options are here, and all are free!
    Below that is the free DGC detective book, 
        and DGC sheet music, and Powerpoint shows, 
            and DGC in other languages, and
                more background, and stories, 
                    and DIY recording tracks,
                        and so on and on, all free!

You will hear kiddie pop, jazz, rock, country, chants, rounds, blues, etc.. There are sing-a-long echoes with sweet harmonies on every song. 

       Download for free here
            then type in 0 [zero] dollars and it downloads for free. 

       Listen for free on the red arrow below:

So here’s the Bigger Picture:


          WITH EASE, BY HEART?!?

A whole Theology Degree is made up of
Part 1. ‘Systematic Theology’ = ST = Theology by topics;
Part 2. ‘Biblical Theology’ = BT = Theology as it unfolds across the bible timeline.
Part 3. …plus a few bits on preaching, church history, etc.  So…

Part 1. ‘Systematic Theology’ 
= ST
= Theology by topics

The DGC songs cover all the great doctrines that go into the ‘Systematic Theology’ part of a bible degree. There are songs that summarize the whole bible’s teaching on topics like God, Scripture, Man, Sin, Law, Prophets, Jesus, Church, the Second Coming, etc.
The DGC is a complete Systematic Theology in song, by heart.

Part 2. ‘Biblical Theology’
= BT
= Theology across bible timeline
The SSoG outlines 24 ‘milestones’ to lay out a whole bible timeline, and then follows some great bible themes like Life, Rest, Rule, Blessing, Purity, and Friendship, straight through from Genesis to Revelation, showing how all the bitsy stories actually fit directly and beautifully together.
The SSoG is a complete Biblical Theology in art, by heart.

So, putting Sys Theol and Bib Theol together…
the DGC uses 26 songs to teach Systematic Theology, whereas
the SSoG uses 100 artworks to teach Biblical Theology.
By using the musical DGC, even children and illiterate people can absorb, and then teach, a comprehensive ‘adult’ ST education.
By using the artsy SSoG, even children and illiterate people can absorb, and then teach, a comprehensive ‘adult’ BT education.
Of course, if you can read, then both projects are a ‘piece of cake’, and you can eat so very much more!

The DGC is this page you are on now,
The SSoG is just over there at

Both DGC and SSoG can stand alone.
Both can be taught at a level suitable for children, and both can be taught at a seminary level, and even at a level that challenges professors. READ THAT AGAIN. These are adult programs with simplified versions for teaching children.
Both are completely free online, and the SSoG has already been translated into various languages.
Both have a book for study, teaching, home-schooling, home-groups, Sunday School, uni and college, etc.
Both can shock even veteran church and bible folks when they see afresh the sheer scale and genius of Yahweh’s grace. (There’s a dare for your joy…)

The DGC is a CD music album
made up of 26 songs in various musical styles
with every line sung as an echo (echo) [echo] {echo} 😉
This means folks can sing along at full volume during their first listening
and makes the songs stick in the brain like a good broken record… 
                                                                                                …audio earworms!

Here are the songs and many free resources:
1. Daily Grace Catechism Lyrics, with nothing else, are here.
2. Daily Grace Catechism Lyrics, with teaching points of each, are here.
3. Daily Grace Catechism Chord Sheets in a doc are here.
4. Powerpoint slides for the lyrics are here.
5. Large Printable Posters of the Lyrics for printing to hold up in front of a class of up to around 30 people in PDF or in PUB [click either].
6. Daily Grace Catechism Backing Tracks streaming is here… and see #7…
7. You can record your voice in any language and glue it onto the existing Backing Tracks by downloading them
here.  Send me your masterpiece, I will put your new language version here for the world to enjoy.
8. Daily Grace Catechism Book download is hereThe book is very huge, about 345 pages, so don’t just hit ‘print’ without checking! It has an intro explaining how and why to learn and teach the DGC, the lyrics+teaching points mentioned in #2 above,… then each lyric with each teaching point is shown beside a zillion Scripture references to test the teaching point. The whole curriculum works as a challenging detective task: the reader flame-tests and scores the teaching point against every single Scripture reference to prove whether it is ‘the real deal’.  It’s kind of addictive, even for teens.  Just read the first pages of the book in a smaller printout here: DAILY GRACE CATECHISM Book Sample Nov17, and you will have a good sense of whether to dive in, and of the theological perspective, etc..

Who How When Where Why:
My friend David J. McManus and I gradually created these words and songs in between over 20 years of distractions that included living in different countries. We now both live in Perth, Australia, once again. The DGC is an attempt to reveal the lush, profound, solid glory of orthodox Christian doctrine that is contained in Systematic Theology but is usually lost in its expression. We stole many lyrics from earlier centuries. I wrote others to draw out the axioms that made their work glow in their age but that cannot today be taken for granted.

What Next?
We would also like people of every culture to translate it and make their own voice tracks so that pastors, students and anyone can download the whole thing onto their phones in different languages and countries. We would also like for various people anywhere to create their own voice tracks on my free backing tracks, and/or re-record the whole thing the way they like it, and each publish their own albums, take their own DGC albums on the road for church tours, etc., so that it reaches a variety of audiences. We retain the copyrights, but you can make money off it just by asking. Colin Buchanan, Andrew Peterson, I’m talking to you. We would also like folks to be thrilled with the theology in the songs and get deep in the Scriptures that go with them.

The reactions (tears and joy repeatedly!) of the first person to “DO THE CAT!” (= work through the DGC book), the editor, made the whole million-hour project worth doing. We would love that pleasure to be shared freely – John 17:24 reveals that sharing love and glory is the whole point of all things! 😉

(The book editor’s comment upon reading this website:
                                                                  “I so wish everyone would ‘do’ the Cat!” 😉

God bless you!  AndrewOlsenMail (at)

P.S. our preacher shared this a few days later:

“The main purpose of my music is to glorify God. Some people do this with music that is simple. I haven’t chosen to use a simple style, but my music comes from my heart as a humble offering to God. This honours God no matter what musical style I use.”  –  Johann Sebastian Bach.

When Bach began to write a new song that he wrote the initials JJ at the top of the page, which stood for “Jesu Juva” Latin for “Jesus Help Me” and when he finished the work he wrote Soli Deo Gloria, Latin for “For the Glory of God Alone”.  Handel took this up too… so, here is the DGC, Soli Deo Gloria 🙂